St Serf's

Reflective, we focus on Scripture,

 Sacraments and Song.



Every Sunday


(6pm on last Sunday of month)

Burntisland, KY3 9ES



Our sermons and homilies centre around Scripture since the Holy Spirit speaks directly to us through the bible and makes it relevant to our own lives.  Often this is done through themes taken from the bible while at other times we use what is known as the Lectionary.


When looking at themes we focus on relevant issues that are applicable to our lives.  While using the Lectionary we look at pre-selected readings that not only speak directly to us but also are appropriate for the season such as during Advent/Christmas or Lent/Easter.




St Serf’s worship is best described as reflective - being both Liturgy and Sacraments.

Liturgy is a set form of worship that is based on scripture and tradition.  Through familiarity and routine it allows space and time to reflect and respond to God.  The most significant time and place to use liturgy is alongside a sacrament at significant times in our lives such as Marriage, Baptism, Funerals and the Eucharist (Communion).


A sacrament is best described as, an outward sign of an inward action.  So in the sacrament of communion, the sharing of the Bread and Wine is an outward sign of the forgiveness we experience and receive through Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross.  This is a central part of our worship at St Serf’s and so we share in communion every Sunday.



At St Serf’s our prayers are led by different members of the church family. We pray  for topical issues of the world, our nation, community and families.  In addition, we have a prayer email where people can email in prayer requests on and this request will be forwarded to members in the All Souls Churches to pray about.  We also have a pastoral team that visits and pray with people in their homes when requested.



We Love God, Each Other and Our Community

All Souls Fife Church Office, The Rectory, Inverkeithing Road, Aberdour, Fife , KY3 0RS

Email:  Phone: Dean Norby 07821712500 or Carol Latimer 01383860450

Charity number: SC10577